Dry mouth remedies

Posted by evw100 @ew100, Oct 3, 2020

I have Sjogren's Syndrome that causes dry mouth. I have been using Biotene Oral Balance Dry Mouth Moisturizing Gel to help me sleep at night. I put 1/2" on my tongue and my saliva started to flow and it sting my throat when I swallowed it. May be the strong sweetness irritate my throat? Wonder if you have the same experience?
Also, any recommendation for products that you use that help your dry mouth will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

“Ozark” metal tumbler from Walmart keeps ice all night. One by my bed with a straw through the plastic lid, one for the car. So cheap, around $8.00, compared to Yeti brand. I found it in the camping supplies area.


Try Xylimelts. Sticks to gum so won't swallow at night. Used them for years, very happy. Google and order online.


I also have dry mouth from Sjogren’s Syndrome and use the Biotene products – toothpaste, mouthwash and spray. My dentist also prescribes 1.1% Sodium Fluoride dental cream that I put on my teeth at night. That works wonders to protect my teeth and I haven’t had a cavity since I started using it nine years ago.


Welcome to all the new members. Several of you have mentioned that you have Sjogren's Syndrome. I invite you to follow the Autoimmune Diseases group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/autoimmune-diseases/). And in particular, to join this discussion:
– Sjogren’s Syndrome – Introduce yourself and meet others https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/sjogrens/


I keep a thermal cup with lid but also a towel next to it because I have also knocked cups over. I wish the companies that make dry mouth products could do something about the stinging. They are all too sweet for me and diarrhea is a problem. Back to the water though. Instead of swallowing just hold it in your mouth as long as you can. I could feel it being absorbed. I lift my tongue to get underneath. Turing the day I suck on ice at home.


Hi elmay,
No artificial sweeteners for you. Will make your condition worse. If you are able try and get the attention of a pharmacist at Walmart, Target or where ever you shop. Take a few things off the shelf and take to the pharmacy dept, and discuss what will work for you. Best in early morning, or before they close.
Like anything else some pharmacist are willing to help, and others could care less.
I’m sure something will help.

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Reply to @elmay: hi el. I have gerd and ibs, and acid stomach, along with dry mouth and mouth sores as a result of dry mouth…I use the Biotene and am grateful for it…it's the best remedy I've found. My secret for the gerd, acid stomach and ibs is probiotics! Since I started using them my ibs symptoms went away, and with them the gerd! If i've had it, it's only been once in the last nine months! If I stop taking the probies for a week the ibs and stomach problems return!ll. I take a reasonably priced brand: Nature's Bounty, Probiotics 10. I take two in the a.m.. Best of luck, El!!


XyliMelts. Suggested by my rheumatologist for my Sjogrens. Available everywhere and Amazon. Can't sleep without them. If I forget, I wake up and know exactly what I've forgotten. They stimulate saliva and gently adhere to gum between molar and cheek. Non-acidic. No wheat, fish, eggs, etc. Can be used in daytime too. They're great and a necessity for me.

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