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Drug Addiction

Posted by @sal in Mental Health, Nov 23, 2011

My 22 year old nephew is a drug addict and no one in my family is talking about it. His parents know about it but are enabling him in some ways. They allow him to live in their home with an impressionable 14 year old sister and work in their business. I need help in how to help them. I love them so much and don't know what to do but can't sit by pretending that nothing is wrong. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Posted by @texasbarb, Nov 23, 2011

I am the mother of 3 grown sons. They were all raised in one house, with one mom and one dad.....taken to church every Sunday.....supported in their love of baseball (we spent 19 summers at the little league park).....and still TWO out of the three sons became drug addicts. I spent years crying and praying for them. But nothing worked They lived with us, and stole us blind. We loved and worried about them so much....we couldn't cast them out. (mistake....we should have). One of them finally couldn't take knowing how much of life he was really missing and he went two times to drug treatments (not counting being locked up for a year in a state rehab) but he had to do it HIMSELF. No one can help them except THEMSELVES. My other son is nearly 40.....and he really doesn't try to improve himself. It hurts so very much.
The only advise I can give you and your family is ......if he ever gets in trouble, or ends up in jail....DO NOT help him to get out. While he is there.....maybe he can think about what he is actually doing to his life. I found that it was the only thing that helped my sons. I'm sorry to tell you but......THEY HAVE TO WANT TO BE FREE FROM DRUGS....TO GET FREE!!


Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 26, 2011

this is hard but perhaps if you invite your niece to your place, without prying, you might find out how she is coping. then invite your brother/sister over and listen to them to see if they want to discuss it.


Posted by @roxie43, Dec 4, 2011

Your 22 year old nephew has an illness. Drug abuse and dependency are serious and too many lives are cut short because of it. As a mother, I don't know how I would handle such a challenge. As a person, I can say that education and support is key. The entire family can be helpful and the community has to have programming for all involved.
That being said, your nephew has to want to stop. There is something going on with him that perhaps he cannot express and so he self medicates. The truth is that people enjoy feeling different when what they feel when they are not using is pain, confusion, insecurity, failure etc. It's hard for others, even if the intentions are good, to compete with an altered feeling.
There are some really good programs out there if someone wants to change but it sounds like your nephew is not even contemplating change at this point. You can visit websites like the US administration on Substance Abuse and Mental Health & NIDA~National Institute on Drug Abuse, and find good educational tools as well as a list of services in your area. Your niece can of course talk to you and/or perhaps join a support group. The parents may need a little tough love and honesty about how you view the issue.
Let them all know how much you care and hopefully they will be receptive if they are not in denial and you are sensitive in your approach.
Don't give up on your nephew, he needs help and don't display anger towards him because drug addiction, if he is at this stage, will require a medical intervention in order to minimize horrible and often dangerous withdrawal symptoms (depending on the substance bein used).
Take Care,


Posted by @anon04763967, Sep 17, 2013

Contact Common ground to see if an intervention may help

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