Driving making neuropathy of the feet worse

Posted by wilcy @wilcy, Jul 7, 2019

Why does driving make neuropathy of feet worse? Have spinal stenosis!


I feel for you bc I have the neuropathy & there is no reason for it. I do have a disk that is pressing against the other & a bulging disk. I wonder if that can be contributing to my pain. Even with 900 mg of gabapentin, it doesn't help? I don't know what to do either. I'm scared to try Lyrica or Eleval. Does anyone know about the med Toparmax. My dr. mentioned it the other day but it looks like it has a lot of side effects. Has anyone taken it & have you had side effects.

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Hi, @tigreyes2004 – here is some Mayo Clinic information on topiramate (Topomax) https://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/topiramate-oral-route/description/drg-20067047


I am new to the Connect scene and only just learning that there are so many people out there with similar situations. I am 48 and have been dealing with issues in both feet for at least the past year. It started with a burning sensation in both feet, mostly at night. My foot doctor is only just at the point of saying that my symptoms match a neuropathy diagnosis. We just can’t figure out a cause. I had Tarsal Tunnel surgery on both ankles but it hasn’t helped.
I have also noticed that driving is becoming an issue. Cruise control helps but it scares me to think my foot is going to cramp up while I’m on the highway.
Has anyone else had a doctor suggest that this may be a genetic condition? I’m not sure how it helps but I’m just wondering.
Just want to say that hearing other people describe the same symptoms that I have is such a relief! I was really starting to wonder if I’m losing it…especially after the surgery didn’t solve all my problems. Thank you!

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I live in central Oregon, where there are great doctors, but for more in depth testing, my neurologist referred me to Oregon Health Sciences University hospital in Portland. One of the tests was a DNA, and there were indicators of a hereditary connection. I already assumed that, since my father and all five of my siblings have had neuropathy.

Driving can be painful. I'm just glad that someone invented cruise control.


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