Does Mayo Not only Test/Diagnose but also Treat - Out of State Patient

Posted by mpflood7 @mpflood7, Oct 3, 2020

Does Mayo Not only Test/Diagnose but also Treat – Out of State Patient? I need Test/Diagnose but also Treatment. Am wondering since I am visiting from out of state and my understanding is that all is out-patient. Can someone clarify? Thank you.


Thank you Amanda. On top of even if I will get admitted for the Collaborative care I am now told today is only afforded by Internal Medicine at Mayo (not other medical departments), this is all very confusing. I can’t get a direct answer on insurance from anyone. My understanding is that my Florida BCBS Blue Select Gold PPO (1535 Plan) only becomes a Blue Card when I am out of state. While in state (Florida), I am told Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville) does not accept my Blue Select plan. I am going to continue to follow-up but any further insights are welcome. I’d also like to see it (especially insurance/billing) in writing. Thanks.

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I am now very confused. Have you received this information from Internal Medicine at Mayo-Rochester? I do not know who you have spoken to. I have no experience with Mayo Clinic in Florida only Rochester. I have spoken directly to insurance/billing to straighten out an insurance question and they were wonderful. Please contact Mayo in Rochester directly and let us know what you find out.

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