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Does anyone else get this?

Posted by @asclepiasincarnata in Brain & Nervous System, Jul 5, 2012

When I wake up in the morning I get dizzy with palpitations and a pretty fast pulse and shortness of breath. Sometimes a headache and nausea along with it. Throughout the day I'm really weak and its gotten worse since it started a few months ago. I'm barely able to walk now and I get really really hot and then really cold for a long time and then back to a few minute period of really hot. I'll sometimes lose vision and go blind for a few seconds. Sometimes I'll be fine afterwards and other times I pass out. I'm 17 so I know I'm not menopausal yet. These episodes come in waves usually when i get up from lying down or sitting, but they come even while sitting or not doing anything too. Does anyone else get this or have any answers???

Tags: lung conditions, womens health


Posted by @anon51434298, Jul 20, 2012

I've experienced some of the symptoms mentioned. The loss of vision, weakness, and passing out were my symptoms when diagnosed as being a severe anemic. These symptoms were due to a lack of blood flow. The doctor was surprised i was still functioning. After that my immune system has never been the same.

I hope you seek medical attention to determine what your suffering from. Take care.


Posted by @brownde, Aug 24, 2012

Go to the ER or doctor.


Posted by @asclepiasincarnata, Aug 24, 2012

I went to a couple ones and of course i wasnt having an episode or bad day then so everything seemed fine. They told me it was perfectly normal for this to be happening to people my age :/


Posted by @laurenashley, Sep 29, 2012

Talk to your doctor about P.O.T.S. I have it and your symptoms sound very similar. There is more information on this website

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