Do your symptoms come and go while on the Big 3?

Posted by lmh7 @lmh7, Sep 17, 2019

What is the difference between an exacerbation and a flare-up and do you have them on and off while on the Big 3? I have been on the meds for 2.5 years and can go months feeling wonderful and then just like that all of my MAC symptoms (terrible nausea, night sweats, body aches) return for days to weeks. I'm worried that the meds aren't working and that the MAC is still growing. Any thoughts?

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@lmh7 I too find how I feel changes over time. When I asked my ID doc, he said, "…Well, you have a disease and an infection that your body is fighting, and you are taking nasty drugs to fight the infection. If anything else happens, like stress, fatigue, a virus…your body is on overload and the symptoms can come back, or you can even get new ones… Also, you can get intermittent reactions to the drugs themselves."


@lmh7 Hello. When is the last time you had a sputem test done?

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