Do a man's fertility issues affect his wife's fertility?

Posted by umash07 @umash07, Sep 27, 2021

Me and my wife have been trying for pregnancy for a year. Since the start, she experiences bodily changes and symptoms related to pregnancy but the pregnancy tests turn negative. After anticipating for a period of 3-4 months, it ends up in bleeding/period. So far, it happened twice. This time around, the ultrasound report said there is a change of pregnancy, but the home test kit and the HCG blood serum tests turned negative.

I was also prescribed by the doctor to take a male fertility test and I got an appointment next week. Considering I have male fertility issues, I can understand that if the fertilization doesn't occur my wife's period will follow. But, in our case, the bleeding occurs after a wait of 2-3 months (with pregnancy symptoms till then). I'm stressed that whether my health and fertility are impacting my wife's health.

My question is:
Does my sperm health affect the regularity of my wife's fertility cycles like ovulation, periods, etc?

Kindly reply.


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Hello @umash07, Welcome to Connect. I know it can be frustrating and disappointing when you are both trying so hard to have a child. After our first child was born, we had decided we didn't want to have more children and my wife decided to have her tubes tied (tubal ligation) rather than me having a vasectomy because it's possible to undo the tubal ligation. Fast forward 10 years and my wife changed her mind and wanted another child. She had the operation to reverse the tubal ligation and we tried for over a year to have another child unsuccessfully. I had the male fertility test at Mayo Clinic and then we found out that was OK but there was a problem with tubal ligation reversal. We were fortunate to be able to adopt a baby at age 40 for which I am forever grateful.

I know this is not easy for you but I would try not stress myself out before you have the male fertility test. I would try to focus on working with your wife and the doctors by learning more (like you are now!) what can help. I don't know the specific answer to your question other than the sperm count is important and if the count is low it could be a problem. Here's some information that you may find helpful.

— Healthy sperm: Improving your fertility —
— Ovulation: Frequently Asked Questions:

When we were going through our difficulties trying to get pregnant, I had a lot of the same questions as you but no place to ask them so I am hoping there are other members who will be able to share their experience with you.

Will you come back and let us know how your male fertility test went?

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