HCM and Dizzy Spells

Posted by archer @archer, Nov 21, 2018

Does anyone in the group experience dizzy spells? If so, are such spells accompanied by a sensation in the eyes — a sort of fullness. Someone has suggested that this might mean my dizziness has to do with allergies and/or sinus problems. This has been my principal symptom for several years.

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Is there anything that brings on the spells? a particular movement of your neck or standing up? There can be a lot of reasons for dizziness. If your body does not maintain proper blood pressure when you change position, it can cause dizziness. Can you describe the dizziness and how disabling it is, and how often it happens? Is there anything that makes it better? Allergies and sinus issues that affect the ears by retaining fluid can affect balance, but there can also be other medical conditions that cause dizziness or vertigo, for example, a misalignment of your cervical vertebrae. You should see a doctor about it. There can also be problems with circulation to the brain caused by misalignment of vertebrae, such as Bow Hunter's Syndrome. As patients, we can assume something is simple like a sinus problem and it might not be. I have had occasional vertigo from a spine problem that moved my vertebrae with muscle spasms and I have had spine surgery at Mayo that fixed everything. A physical therapist might be able to help evaluate that, but they need to know if you have spine problems in your neck before they start working on it, and would want to see imaging. There cold be problems wit medications too. You do have to advocate for yourself until you get some answers.


—Sincere thanks for the info. Will be seeing my physician in a few weeks. We were told some time ago that dizziness and fainting were symptoms of my kind of HCM. In fact, fainting is what got me to the ER on the first occasion, about ten years ago. My wife and I merely suspected that, sometimes, there might be another cause for the dizziness; often, it seems to happen along with the eye-fullness sensation and occasional watery eyes. Was wondering if anyone else with HCM had a similar experience.

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