Disinfecting nebulizer

Posted by Jennifer @megan123, Jul 13, 2019

just got off the big 3..woot woot…I have been sterilizing with vinegar…..Dr Falkingham suggests either alcohol or bleach to kill bacteria…he is not sure about vinegar…it appears that things are changing again as indicated by what National Jewish is also saying…I want to do it right, but there seems to be confkicypting info again. Lol…my u derstanding is that Mayo suggests vinegar..help…what is everyone doing?

I was told to put in dishwasher on top shelf


Do you get your neb supplies from insurance or buy your own. Every time I order supplies they send a mask along with the standard container and charge for it.

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Chatty2, I buy my neb cup w/tube from a local medical pharmacy. They run me $3.00 a piece. My insurance doesn't pay for it, so I do.

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