Diplacusis: Anyone else have this?

Posted by cus @cus, Sep 1, 2020

Anyone else has it?

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You say the diplacusis was caused by an acoustic trauma. From the information I have there are several causes for this condition, and they vary greatly. I'm pretty certain that you have done research on this condition. Your questions encouraged me to do that too. No easy solutions, but interesting information at: https://www.healthyhearing.com/report/51055-Understanding-diplacusis

Do seek medical attention and advice from a reputable ENT clinic. You may be a candidate for a cochlear implant. I note it's been suggested that you reach out to Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss. I 'second' that suggestion. Talking to other people who share your experience is helpful. That also can lead to excellent recommendations about treatment and support.

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Thank you for your kind reply @julieo4 . Yes I've done my research but as you said, it varies from case to case. The thing is that the treatment that I got in December helped me with getting back my hearing and in the end the audiogram came out normal on all the frequencies that have been affected. So basically my hearing is back when it comes to volumes. I'm gonna see my ENT specialist again this week and see what we can do about the diplacusis and I'm definitely going to contact fellow musicians who are suffering from diplacusis as well. And until then, maybe @mark888 will reply to my comment in this thread and share his story about his second hearing loss that occured few months after his first one because I'm affraid that this can happen to me as well since my symptoms appear to be very similar to his.

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