Diet after kidney transplant

Posted by hello1234 @hello1234, Jan 20, 2023

Hi all 😊
After your kidney transplant, are you following a special diet? Have you increased the protein in your diet or are you concerned that only one kidney is doing the job? When I had CKD, for years I followed a low protein diet including giving up milk and yogurt for rice milk, etc. Do you still follow a CKD diet after your kidney transplant?
Thanks everyone!

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Just got my new kidney 5 days ago and they let me go home yesterday. I was i ESRD for the past 10 years but stayed off dialysis. So far so good, though definitely feeling pretty tired right now. It seems from everything I read that the key item regarding meals is attention to food safety. With our new kidneys it's no longer so much about what minerals you are eating but about how sanitary and fresh and well cooked whatever you make. I love raw food like sushi, oysters, etc. but it seems like that kind of stuff is out of the question from now on. But so many other benefits make it worthwhile no matter what. My creatinine has gone from 6.5 to 1.5 in 3 days.

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