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Diep Flap Procedure

Posted by @jenni17, Sun, Sep 9 7:55pm

I had a bilateral mastectomy and had implants removed due to an infection. I am now at a point that I can consider reconstruction. At this point, expanders/implants are not an option for me. Has anyone had a diep flap procedure and what are your thoughts about the procedure and recovery. Any feedback is so appreciated.


Hi @jenni17
I think you'll appreciate this discussion on Connect:
– Mastectomy and Reconstruction (or not)
Fellow members @bomashisha @chamisa and @jlms talk about the Diep Flap procedure there. Additionally some members share why they chose not to have reconstruction.

Jenni, how long ago did you have the implants removed?

Thank you so much for this information. I had my implants removed in February of 2018.

I had a d flap in Mar 2018 due to total mastectomy on right breast, with chemo and radiation in aug 2016. I elected to have left Breast removal so both would match. Unfortunately had complications on LEFT . Right came out perfect. Lost left to poor blood flow and ultimately infection. Latismus flap to fix left . I am one big scarred mess but I’m one surgery away from “whole” again. I Still have trouble with abs getting out of bed but had first surgery gone with out a hitch I’d be a happy camper! Long story short find a reputable micro surgeon and go for it if the benefits outway the year or two of recovery. I tried for a year with prostectic and this pain was worth not dealing with my prosthetic ending up in my golf bag after the first hole😊 ps the bonus for this misery is no back fat or abdominal fat due to liposuction to make it work! Still looking on the bright side, best of luck to you! Prayers your journey is simpler🙏🙏🙏

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