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Sandy, you asked some great questions. I'm tagging @amy11559 @bomashisha @betsyk @jlms who have experience with DIEP surgery so they can share their experiences. In addition to getting the experiences of others who have been there (so valuable), I recommend you ask these same questions to your surgical team. Also be sure to ask what exercises you should do and how soon.

When will you have surgery?

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Surgery is scheduled for April 17. It was a little difficult getting the three Drs together….surgeon and two plastic surgeons. I am trying to get as much exercise as I can before then. Also, I am pretty scared, but have decided to ask the plastic surgeons if I can get the nipple tattoos and some fancy artwork too. It kinda gives me something to look forward to. The surgeon was a wealth of information unlike the first one I went to…in the same practice. I am meeting with the plastic surgeon on March 17, so am trying to get a list of questions together. Also, the surgeon wants an MRI which I will get this Thursday. While all this is going on, my daughter is pretty sick with crohn’s and PSC. I think that is helping to take my mind off my own stuff somewhat.