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Diep Flap Procedure

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Apr 25, 2021 | Replies (18)

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Hi, @sandyjr – I wanted to let you know I moved your post here to an existing Mayo Clinic Connect discussion on the DIEP flap procedure. Hoping that you can meet others in this discussion like @tana @meliss @jenni17 and that they can let you know if they have had this reconstruction surgery after tubal ligation. If they had had a previous tubal ligation, they may have additional information on whether they were denied this type of reconstruction or if extra precaution was taken for the surgery. I'd also like for you to meet @bomashisha @chamisa and @jlms, who also may have some input.

Where are things at currently for you with a DIEP flap breast reconstruction? What has your doctor said about going ahead with this surgery?

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Today I have updated my profile and realised why I wasn't getting any feedback. Operation-wise, I am in limbo. I have been waiting for the operation since October 2018 and still waiting due to my local hospital's problems. (i.e. Doctors leaving and/or internal issues). There's been hiccups etc and now COVID-19. I'm moving on to another Private Surgeon for advice and hopefully have the operation. I'm 68-69 this year. Have a video/phone consultation this afternoon. Now I'm up to date on Mayo site I'll do some catch up as you indicated. Thank you Lisa. Be well 🙂

I had tubal 35 years ago. And diep flap last year. And fat for stem cells taken from belly also. I think u need a new doctor.

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