Did You Get Your Results During Your Visit?

Posted by dreamingingreen @dreamingingreen, May 17, 2016

I am visiting the Mayo Clinic after months of visiting a doctor, a test gets ordered that takes place 3 weeks later, the test results are negative, another test gets ordered that takes place 3 weeks later, the test results are negative, and so on. Of course the great news is the test results are negative! The bad news is something is wrong, which is why my doctor has me visiting the Mayo Clinic.

I’m curious if most people visiting the Mayo Clinic under similar scenarios get their results during their visit? Or do you go home and wait for the results?

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I went to Jacksonville years ago and they completed all tests and gave me
all the results while I was there. I was diagnosed also.

Hope this helps.



I’ve been seeing several specialist at Rochester Mayo for past 3 yrs. In my
experience the first consultation determines what testing is needed. Mayo
does not repeat tests you’ve already had unless they’re poor quality or
old. It’s best to bring discs of any radiology tests or tissue slides, not
just the reports. Their physicians will actually evaluate the tests and
give a report. They will charge for that. My insurance has always
paid without problems. After your first consultation,you’ll be provided
with a plan of care. ie: schedule of all tests, appointments with other
specialist and a revisit with the first physician you saw. Typically the
initial physician will review the results with you at the end of all
testing. If you are referred to other specialists, they will review with
you the tests they ordered. Unfortunately, due to the volume of patients,
sometimes everything can’t be done within the expected time period, if
tests are added on, a return visit may be necessary or extend our stay.
Their system is most efficient at trying to get everything done at one
visit. I’ve had visits with everything completed, other times needed to
return and yet another finished ahead of schedule. The better prepared you
are with your medical records makes for more efficient visit. Majority of
patients are understanding in the necessity to return for further testing.
On my last visit, after a full week , my final test was completed late in
the afternoon. My physician actually was on vacation, but came in that day
to see me even though he knew results would take a few days. He didn’t want
me traveling there and going thru difficult tests without a face-face visit
with him. He called the following Tuesday and discussed results and
treatment. Also, there is no outpatient testing or office appts on
weekends. If you have questions that you forget to ask, they have a patient
portal. Sign up and you can contact any physician you’ve seen, see test
results, office visit summaries and request appts. Having been cared for
by top experts in their fields and the genuine empathy and friendliness of
all staff makes traveling to Mayo well worth the trip.


Hi @dreamingingreen. I’m glad to see you are getting some responses to your question, but also wanted to share this thread which I think you might find helpful: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/im-traveling-to-rochester-mn-from-kansas-city-mo-for-the-first/.


Thank you everyone for the replies.

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