Did my Covid vaccines change my sweating permanently? I AM A HOT MESS

Posted by zenandtheartof @zenandtheartof, Jul 21, 2023

It has been well over a year since my second and last Phizer Moderna vaccine. In that time, I have not stopped sweating and I run cold, used to sweat light and smell earthy for body odor if not awful. It seeks as though it persisted intially as swollen sweaty armpits and my body odour has changed, as well as the texture of my sweat, it is thicker and I smell sour. I would include that trace mind fog has also persisted, but recently a lot is coming out on the perils of algorithmic manipulation of populations and I could very well see a purposely eroded attention span being moreso symptomic of such algorithmic abuse.

In any case, it seems difficult to find info about this, but also a common experience, particularly for Pfizer patients such as myself. What am I now, because I rather imagine I am becoming a menopausal woman, with sudden onset hotflashes and related emotional distress from such fluctuations and sudden soaking sweats and neck, knee and armpit rashes. Stopped using deoderant because it becomes a gelatinous mess, it is like my genetic makeup is changed. Don't even get me started on increased acute chest pains and increased arithmia (born premature with palpitations). I did my part, time for the experts to start the autopsy of Covid now and provide us some answers post pandemic about what it was that we did for the team.

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The P vaccine did a number in me but the hot mess, came after COVID. COVID threw me into Menopause. I've tried many things but not hormone replacement because of other issues. Nothing is working, no one of course knows anything. Trying Chinese herbalist next.


Just wanted to give hope. I am 60, medically well beyond menopause, post covid over yr and half after 2 moderna and 1 pfizer, with all those lovely symptoms. The beyond frustrating, spontaneous horrific odor sweating sessions, do seem to be lessening so hopefully ones body just needs its time and our kind to ourselves/mindful healing processes.🤞 🌈


I've been having very severe whole body sweating episodes, i get drenched and so does my bed, since i've been vaccinated against covid, it's worse at night, and it occurs pretty much every time I change position in bed, or when i go from lying down to standing or vice versa, or from sitting to standing etc...I've also pretty much lost my sense of smell, and sometimes i smell wet cardboard.


I began extreme night sweats 3/28/22 about two weeks after my 5th of 6 (9/22) Moderna gene therapies (COVID vaccination). I was for 43-days 63 years old, a 18-years (age 45) menopausal female. I had extreme night sweats over 6 months nightly, then decreasing intensity and occurrence, and increasing back to extreme nightly sweats mid-January 2024. I also experienced my arms and legs beading up, as well as the rest of my body, periodically through the day. I was tested for all thought causes of night sweats, including adrenal, at Mayo Clinic Rochester and LaCrosse. No answer still today.


Long Covid symptoms. Maybe, vaccine also.

I experience these symptoms. Mine are during different times of the day. Post movement ot activity. Secondary viral impact. Search Vegas nerve, seratonin, small intestine. The sweats can be from pulmonary embolisms, deep vein or shallow vein clots, seretonin variation, and viral impact on metabolism.

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