Did I have a stroke? CT and MRI negative.

Posted by rhuck513 @rhuck513, Aug 22 8:51am

I had left hip replacement done in June 2021, and hip replacement revision Aug 2021.
Ever since my revision, I've had weakness, uncoordinated movements, and tremoring on my left side. I had CT and MRI done and both came back normal.
Any ideas???

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@rhuck513 The symptoms you describe must be very frightening. Both the CT and MRI are negative and don't show any changes? Did your primary care physician order the imaging or did you have a consult with a neurologist? Do the tremors occur all the time or only when you are doing something with the left hand?

If you have not seen a neurologist then that would be the next step. A specialist needs to take the time to look at your whole picture and symptoms and help you to come up with a plan. Will you talk with your orthopedic surgeon or your primary care physician about this?

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