Diarreah and gas lately

Posted by healthybon @healthybon, May 10 4:57am

Does anyone experience diaareah and gas…..? I was on so many medications and very anxious for months……when I found out bout the MAC. I think these two reasons created an irritable bowel thing. I took Imodium yesterday, no diarreah since, but. It seems I get very bad gas and feel generally sick. Does anyone connect this to the MAC or have suggestions? I don’t feel well. No gastro appointments available until July.
Going to the NJH on June 28th. I plan on a very bland diet like white rice, crackers……for a couple days. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks Bon

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I have had a lot of diarrhea with MAC and gas. I have read that it comes with the disease for some people. It has been worse for me as I also have IBS. Immodium has always worked for me. It might help to cut down on dairy and I substitute almond milk for regular milk. Good luck, a lot is just trial and error in what works for you.

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