Diagnosed with pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in my lungs

Posted by smokeycat442 @smokeycat442, Jan 3, 2019

I haven't had any success with many antibiotics including 3 weeks on a IV of Zosyn! Does anybody have any suggestions? What about the antibiotic Ceftazidime? I'm sure that this is one antibiotic that I have not been prescribed by my doctor. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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All this understanding of our lungs is a process, a long road. I do not mean to complain, but the doctors do not take their time to educate us. National Jewish Hospital is new to me as of this past November 2023, and they are the ones who started to educate me with their respiratory therapy department. I began incorporating the SmartVest at the end of this January 2024.
I only began consistent airway clearance in December 2023 with the Aerobika and saline 7% or sometimes I use saline 3 % with the AeroEclipse and Ombra compressor. My bronchiectasis was diagnosed ten years ago at which time I would only need albuterol in the nebulizer when I was sick with a chest infection, and my husband did manual palpitations for me and I steamed if I got really blocked up with mucus.
I only ever took antibiotic if I got a chest infection, except for the few times when I coughed up blood and my doctor put me on antibiotic as a precaution.
I believe most all of us will have a different story with our lung condition. I am now 76 and seems my bronchiectasis has progressed, so I am thankful that National Jewish accepted me as a patient four months ago.
I didn't do much to stop the bleed out in the 1990's, just saw the doctor right away who couldn't do anything unless I started bleeding again, and rested and coughed as little as I could and the blood clotted and after a week I was okay, just frightened it would happen again, but it didn't for many years later.
I do yoga and breathing exercises to keep me fit and walk my dogs most every day for 40 to 45 minutes, weather permitting. I only take multivitamins as well as Vitamin D and Vitamin C but not every day.
I belong to a national forum that meets for a Zoom coffee break the 2nd Wednesday of each month. It is helpful in many ways, the support and camaraderie we have; the guest speakers, some from Mayo Clinic, some from National Jewish, and other health professionals. Anyone can join. Here is the information:
Bronchiectasis and NTM Initiative
I would be happy to answer any questions you have.
Best wishes


Thank you happy2023. I assume you do not and did not have any infection although you coughed up blood. May I know what techniques and precautions you took to stop the bleed. What airway clearance & exercise? Any antibiotic and supplements if you don't mind me asking.

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Sweethighland, I just posted a comment in reply to your questions of Feb 19, '24. As I'm not good with the computer my reply to you went to connect.mayoclinic.org. I hope you received it.

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