High blood pressure, feet swelling, and diabetes

Posted by kathymoore @kathymoore, Feb 20, 2017

I have recently submitted for a appointment to the mayo clinic for my wife, she has diabetes for 20+ years, and suffers from high blood pressure this past year, she has been in and out of the hospital 10 times this past year, her feet swell then have to take water pill, then off the water pill not to get dehydrated, then her blood pressure is like a yoyo, along with her sugar, the doctors have changed her meds so much on a weekly basis, I dump out the meds in her weekly box and have to start all over again, she is 48 yrs old, we have been married 29 yrs and im so afraid of losing her, I have tried with different hospitals, but as you know a lot of doctors see you for about 10 minutes and try something else, I live with her and know her. I know when certain meds are not going to work, I tell the drs and they just say she is not taking them right, I need someone to look into her case and spend "real" time to find out what is going on, her blood pressure has been 202/100 and she gets delusional, they say no stroke but, im no doctor. she has not been the perfect diabetic patient in the past, everyone craves things, but the past year I have really tried to keep her in check, but like I said that her sugar and blood pressure bounces/swings so much, its like trying to catch a rabbit. any advice or help is deeply appreciated. im not even sure if im in the right discussion, I just jumped in head first.

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Welcome @kathymoore.
Managing diabetes is certainly a challenge. I'm glad that your wife has you as her advocate. I'd like to connect you with other Connect members who have shared similar struggles in managing diabetes, high blood pressure and other side effects for themselves or accompanying others. Please meet @minda77 @kennethn1971 @thawyzard @ihatediabetes @nancywhite @vboltin and @upnorthnancy.

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