Depression/anxiety meds

Posted by djjl87 @djjl87, Nov 30, 2022

Dr put me on 225 Effexor, 5 mg Buspar and 15 mirtzipan. Plus 1 mg klonopin. Is this safe?

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@djjl87. We aren't medical professionals here on Mayo Clinic Connect. We are group who provide support and information to help members like you figure out how to go about getting the help they need.

Did you ask your prescribing doctor your question? Are you asking if taking all of these medications in one day is safe? Again, that's a good question to ask your prescribing doctor.

Is your doctor starting you on 225 mg Effexor split in dosages throughout the day? If yes, then my reading is that is a high dosage for starting Effexor. Is that an increase in dosage? I read this on Mayo Clinic and it suggests that 225mg is the upper end of dosing for Effexor for that particular medication.



When I first began taking medication for depression and anxiety I was very fearful of the medication itself. After working with a very helpful psychiatrist I figured out that it was my anxiety that made my afraid. My psychiatrist helped me to realize that the medication would be helpful to me.

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