What are medicines for depression?

Posted by Dr GOPAL JEE BHATT @brijeshmishra, Sep 17, 2020

What are medicines for depression

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I’m currently taking mirtazapine at night as I believe it’s supposed to make you sleepy. I have been on it about a year now and I believe it is helping. It hasn’t helped the anxiety at all but I don’t think it’s meant to. I am not sure if it is contributing to my insatiable appetite or if that’s “in my head”


I take Mirtazapine as well for sleep and it has worked pretty well. Trazodone is similar to Mirtazapine which works well to. I don't believe Mirtazapine is contributing to your appetite, but do believe anxiety a d depression do. I am currently taking Lorazepam for anxiety which is akin to Xanax. In addition I'm taking Venlafaxine, Bupropion and Buspirone. Treatment of depression and anxiety has been a work in progress which can become frustrating. Hopefully you are seeing a psychiatrist for medications, if not do so. Hang in there your not alone. Keep moving forward


@brijeshmishra, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. There are several medications for treating depression. There are also other therapies besides medicine that can treat depression effectively. It's important to find the right treatment that works for you.

Tell us a bit more about yourself. Have you talked with a doctor? What treatment has been suggested?

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