Depressing movies.

Posted by georgette12 @georgette12, Jan 13, 2018

I watched “The Hours” on TV last night. Very bad idea. Excellent movie but bad for me. About a book by Virginia Woolf. Had terrible dreams about death all night. Have any of you found you have to monitor what you watch on TV?


I understand what you are saying. What we watch, read and hear can have a profound impact on us emotionally. Take care of yourself today.


Hi there ……. Oh YES, YES, YES ….. I am just like you. I really have to either go to bed and read or watch something light. The other night I watched
“Deliverance” and I had nightmares all night. It was awful.

Amberpep….glad you responded. My husband keeps suggesting these movies. We watch old Twilight Zone episodes from the 60s and some of them are really disturbing. Hugs.

Hi georgette ….. I never found the old Twilight Zone programs to be upsetting, but then that depends on the person. But some of the movies they are showing nowadays are downright nightmare-making. I often watch programs either on the Hallmark Channel, TCM (IF when I read what it’s about, it’s not creepy), and the Animal Planet.. Like you, I have to be careful what I watch and read ….. like they say …. “garbage in/garbage out” ….. or, stuck in my head!
Take care,

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