Dealing with dementia and sleep apnea machine

Posted by remi54 @remi54, Apr 4, 2018

I am caring for my husband who has dementia. He also has sleep apnea thus a machine to use at night. The machine has a headgear with a nose mask. It is becoming more and more upsetting for him to use the machine. Any suggestions on how to make it less frustrating for him?

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Such a good question, Remi. I modified the title of your discussion to specifically speak to dementia, sleep apnea and CPAPs or BiPAPs. @macbeth's husband also uses a CPAP machine. I'm hoping she'll join the conversation about approaches she's learned over the years to help ease the frustration with the machine and face/nose mask. It must be quite unsettling for your husband if he doesn't understand what the machine is for or forgets what it is for. What tips or tricks have worked for you in the past that maybe aren't working any more?


Hello @remi54 Nice to e-meet you here. I am sorry to read of your husbands health travails. My wife had periods of needing oxygen and she, too, often did not like to wear the mask. I do not know if it would work here or not, but with her when the agitation got too great we opted for a night using the nasal tubes.

I am sorry I don't have more experience with this, but I do recall several CPAP and BiPAP discussions earlier, so a search of Connect using those terms might lead to something!

Strength, courage, and peace!


Yea!! He has decided to wear hos mask again! I hope this trend continues!

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