Daughter with unmedicated schizophrenia

Posted by razorclams @razorclams, Nov 28, 2019

Our 30 year old daughter is in our local behavioral heath unit this Thanksgiving. She has given up all hope and tells everyone that she wants to die. She (we) just found out that she is one month pregnant. She wants to kill the fetus. We are Catholic.
I as a Father feel totally helpless to help her. She was in the hospital involuntarily, and will go to mental heath court on Tuesday. The judge can then release her or not. We live in Washington State. I know that there is much out of our control. Our daughter is intelligent, creative, and realizes her future with her illness. That’s one reason that she rejects all treatment. She feels hopeless and worthless. A burden on everyone.
Our heart is breaking, literally breaking. Thank you for caring. Joe

👩‍⚕️ Keep on keeping on.


@jameshoward – thanks for joining this discussion on schizophrenia and for sharing the importance you've found of expressing delusions to a professional and also dealing with guilt and coming to self-forgiveness.

I'd also like for you to meet @gingerw.

A few others in this discussion have talked about someone close to them who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. It would be great to get an update, and I believe your responses would be helpful to all who've been part of this conversation on schizophrenia.

@jshdma – how is your brother?

@razorclams – how is your daughter doing lately?

@dianrib – you talked about a family member who has schizophrenia and also about a grandson you were concerned about who was having mental health symptoms. Does he also have a schizophrenia diagnosis?

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