D-Mannose for frequent bladder infections

Posted by fuzzball @fuzzball, Aug 28, 2020

D-Mannose capsule with vitamin C gives me pains in stomach and loose stools. I need name of USP approved maker of the powder form so that I can break the dosage down to several times a day so that I don’t get this side effect. Also where can I buy it because can’t find Pharmacies or GNC that carry D-Mannose, I had to order on line the first time I tried it and don’t know if it’s a reliable company.

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I buy my NOW brand D-Mannose from Amazon. I take 1 tsp per day mixed with water - I take it after dinner. There are no other additives such as Vit. C, etc. It is cheaper to order online thru Amazon as opposed to buying at any store.


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In addition to @fotula's tips, fellow members @jmaa @mmbaluyut @tardi400 @moragsmum @suzanne2 @palmtrez123 and @malakeet can offer advice about a name of USP approved maker of the powder form as well as a reliable company to purchase the product.

When considering complementary or alternative treatments, be open-minded yet skeptical. Keep in mind that supplements are not regulated, and you'll want to learn about the potential benefits and risks. Here is an article from Mayo Clinic that might interest you about evaluating claims made by the producers and/or sellers of supplements, natural products and other alternative medicines. http://mayocl.in/2tGC0Jp

This article reviews the research about D-Mannose.
- Can D-Mannose Treat or Prevent UTIs? https://www.healthline.com/health/d-mannose-for-uti
In summary:
"More research needs to be done, but D-mannose appears to be a promising nutritional supplement that may be an option for treating and preventing UTIs, especially in people who have frequent UTIs. Most people who take it don’t experience any side effects, but higher doses may cause health issues yet to be discovered.

Talk with your doctor about appropriate treatment options if you have an active UTI. Although D-mannose might help treat a UTI for some people, it’s important to follow medically proven methods of treatment to prevent the development of a more serious infection."

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