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Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome

Posted by @flowerchild in Digestive Health, Jul 6, 2011

A person dear to my heart has gone to college and he has developed what I can best identify as cyclical vomiting syndrome. He has had work ups by local gastroenterologists and his father has had similar incidents. They seemed to have started related to stress as college was a big independent step and he initially encountered difficulty. Even tho he has adjusted to college , he still has episodes. He asks for his room to be darkened , no stimulation and has learned to hydrate himself so doesn't end up in anymore ERs due to this. It has changed his complete physique as he used to be more athletic and now is hardly active - accept for walking his dog. Both he and his father experience episodes often when going on vacation trips. Any suggestions on where to go to find out current treatment approaches, research programs etc?


Posted by @randyschwarz, Jul 8, 2011

Please visit this link for more information on this condition:


Posted by @flowerchild, Aug 2, 2011

Thank you for the information.

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