Cyclic vomiting syndrome

Posted by jacque76 @jacque76, Dec 23, 2016

Looking for any advice, as my daughter has been in an episode for 9 days

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Hello @jacque76,

I am so sorry for your daughter to be going through this, and also for you as a parent; I'd like to assure you that you have come to a great place here on Connect, where you will meet members with similar conditions and experiences, and who will give you the information you need to help your daughter.

Here is some information from Mayo Clinic about cyclic vomiting syndrome:

In the meantime, please allow me to introduce you to @concernedmtnmom, @nlr8470, @charlene11, @granny686, @ld0555, @flowerchild, @vickicharles, @sprinklergal66, @mokennedy, @helper1, @paul18. I hope they will come back with some more insight for you.

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@jacque76, could you share a few more details about your daughter? How old is she? Has she seen a doctor for her symptoms?


My daughter vomited 10 times a day for 5 months. it was hell. it turned out to be Clostridium difficile infection in the gut, not caught on the first 3 tests for it. The test that works is the cytotoxin test, quick results, gold standard. Other tests give false negatives. Not saying that is what your daughter has, but it could be something to check out. Hard part is that once someone vomits that much for so long, your brain sets up neuropathways that are hard to reprogram. Don't give up, research the Mayo site, and keep reaching out until you get answers. Good luck!

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