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Cyclic vomiting syndrome

Posted by @cabutschek in Just Want to Talk, Dec 7, 2011

Does anyone have or know someone who has cyclic vomiting syndrome (abdominal migraines)? I have had it for 2 years and am wondering, can be done to overcome CVS?

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Posted by @paul18, Dec 30, 2011

i take dexalant daily for acid and two capsuls of syllium husk at night with lots of water and don't eat before bed. this helps me reduce the times i vomit. i have a problem with to much mucus as well and if i gag on that it starts all over again.


Posted by @ld0555, Nov 18, 2012

My sister has just been diagnosed with this ... she is a full time worker and is 49 yrs old, with bills to pay. we are trying to help her also! Let me know what you find out. Is dexalant and syllium husk prescriptions and if not where do you purchase them?


Posted by @ld0555, Nov 18, 2012

I saw this same illness on Grey's Anatomy in and older homeless man! My sisters docters told her at one point that it was all in her head! Very frustrating to all of us - especially sine it will wake her in the middle of the night - don't think its all in her head.

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