Cusp 9 from germany

Posted by dunbarmurray @dunbarmurray, May 14, 2017

has anyone here hear of or had experience with this treatment.
our NO in Vancouver BC is recommending it
thank you

Hello @dunbarmurray,

Welcome to Connect. Are you referring to the recent off-label treatment protocol or combinations of drugs for recurrent glioblastoma? A quick online research found this journal article, which you can view here:

@dunbarmurray, would you share a few details about yourself so that we can connect you with members who might have more some more insight for you?

Thank you
Where might I post details


Thank you
Where might I post details

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Hi @dunbarmurray, you can post details simply by responding like you just did. Click VIEW & REPLY in the email notification and post a message. We look forward to getting to know you.

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