Curing disease with bacteria CRISPR

There is always hope, we must all hang in there! This article is about genetic engineering that could very possibly wipe out many diseases, including cancer. @ling123, @jkiemen, @tdrell, @heathert, @nick52,

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Hi Terri @windwalker — I just saw an interesting and promising post on Facebook that I thought I would share on a new cancer research at the University of Minnesota.

Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Giant: a breakthrough treatment in the fight against cancer
Are the greatest advances made in science based on serendipity? University of Minnesota Professor of Genetics and Cell Biology Perry Hackett thinks so. Hackett resurrected an element originally found in salmon to become a breakthrough treatment in the fight against cancer. In the process, the discovery has made Minnesota the destination for genome engineering and opened an entirely new window of therapy that has the potential to improve the health of millions.

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