CT Scan Findings

Posted by victoria91 @victoria91, Apr 25 2:06pm

I recently had a CT Scan of the abdomen and pelvis. If the abdominal wall was listed as "unremarkable" and if there were no distended bowel loops found, is it possible to still have colon polyps or am I free and clear?
I have strong family history of them (parent and grandparent) and I am wanting to know that I do not need to have anything medical done before I try for a second child. I am 32 years old.
My symptoms have been chronic lower abdominal pain since August (not pregnant). I have strong anxiety so I cannot do a routine colonoscopy and my area does not allow FIT tests until I am 40.

Thank you

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Hello there!
Unfortunately, I think your best bet with finding out if you have polyps would be to have either a colonoscopy or endoscopy done. I’m not sure they are always caught on CT scans.


@victoria91 Welcome to Mayo Connect, where we a fellow travelers, each dealing with our own unique circumstances and trying to help one another along the way.

As far as what the CT findings indicate regarding your colon health, that is a question for your health care provider who ordered the test.

If you have a strong family history of polyps and/or colon cancer, you are going to need routine colonoscopies throughout your life. Many of us deal with anxiety surrounding medical procedures, and must find ways to deal with it. Mild tranquilizers or anti-anxiety meds, self-hypnosis and other techniques can help. Perhaps your doctors can help you find a strategy that will work for you, so you can have a colonoscopy now to put your mind at ease.


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