Posted by heid @heid, Jun 10, 2019

My husband had been on Tikosyn & Eliquis for about 2 1/2 months. This antiarrytmia med. Seems to be working. His episodes of Afib do not last long, less than an hour or a lot less. Unlike before where he would Not covert & has had 5 Cardioversions before he started the Tikosyn. Has anyone had a Cryoablation ?? Have read if it worked he could come off the Tikosyn & Eliquis.

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I will be very curious to find out results. I am currently taking Eliquis. ( expensive) I am supposed to start Tikosyn ( even more expensive). It would be great to be able to stop both of those! I know a friend who had ablation and is doing ok.


I had cryoablation for a fib dr put me on eliquis for 3 or 4 months following

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