Crohn's plus Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Posted by suetex @suetex, May 1 11:45am

I have had Crohn's since 1980 and been on sulfasazine pretty much the whole time. I now also have Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Anyone else diagnosed with a 2nd autoimmune disease? I would also like to mention that my small intestine got much better after I started taking Low Dose Naltrexone. LDN allowed it to heal and stopped my "non moving" pain I'm a believer. I take 2 mg at bedtime.

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@suetex Yes, I have multiple autoimmune diseases. Clippers ( a fairly new one that attacks the brain), restless leg syndrome, and just recently EPI (a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes). Having three and managing all the medications, really keeps me on my toes! Thank heaven for good doctors!
You mention that you have 2 AD. Do you feel that they are both well managed?


Crohn's (thanks to LDN) is well controlled, I would say. But that was my call and not my doc. I think American medicine can do better. My PMR is a question because not much is understood about it yet and there is still a lot of research areas. Have you tried LDN yet? I can't help but think it might help regulate your immune system.


When you’re talking about non moving pain, what exactly is that? Is it related to a certain AD you have?


I do not know what it is related to. I just know that Polymialgia Rheumatica cause a "moving my muscle " pain but I still had a pain when I was just lying there trying to sleep. This was bothersome. LDN stopped it in the same time that prednisone would have, but with much fewer side effects. However, the moving pain was still there. It took the pred to address that.

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