Posted by toomanyoars @toomanyoars, Oct 31, 2018

I have a question that I am assuming is a blood sugar issue. Years ago I had a doctor tell me I was insulin resistant. He said it in passing like it wasn't any big deal and never said another word about it. So, not knowing alot about it I just assumed I needed to watch what a ate a little better, cut out the cokes and M&Ms and I would be good. I have had other doctors since then and new endocrinologists who periodically check my blood glucose levels when they run other tests and always say everything looks good. But for the past year when I eat anything, especially in the morning but anytime I haven't eaten in several hours that is carb heavy like toast, within a very short time I crash…like can't keep my eyes open have to lay down kind of crash. When I wake up I am always so dehydrated and crave salt, anything with salt. Can someone please educate me a little in this? No one in my family has or has ever had blood sugar issues and it's not like you can search "carb crash sleep with salt cravings." Thanks in advance.

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Medicare also covers my test strips and lancets for the finger stick pen.

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