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cramping with no ovaries, cervix, or uterus?

Posted by @strongenough2011 in Women's Health, Jun 27, 2012

I have had a hysterectomy almost 3 years ago due to constant female problems.....mainly my ovaries having cysts and rupturing.

Within the last month, my stomach has constantly been bloated everyday, and I am cramping alot. ( I know that this feels exactly like it would if I had my ovaries and a cyst on it)...I am nausous often.

Went to my family dr 2 weeks ago and he did some blood work and checked my kidneys....kidneys were fine...blood work showed a wbc of 3.5 and a platlet count of 128, not to mention my absolute neutrophil count as 1474. All of it is on the low side.

Could this be female related? I have always heard that ovarin cancer can cause swelling of the stomach....but i don't have any ovaries....

any suggestions please?

Strong Enough

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Posted by @spitz16, Jun 27, 2012

Did your dr. do an x-ray for constipation? If that's not the problem, I would suspect colon issues. Maybe a colonoscopy?


Posted by @strongenough2011, Jun 27, 2012

i do think that is in my future....i talked with my dr today who is going to start me on something called Bentyl for the stomach issues and if that doesn't help, then something is going on. My family has an issue with colon polys so it could be that...who knows.....

thanks for the reply.


Posted by @bevyjean, Jul 26, 2012

When I had my hysterectomy due to sycts, the symptoms were the same. My dc. Said my digestive system had reacted to having " more room". Talk to your dc. About the galbladder, and intestinal tracts. You might have to change your diet. I had to have my galbladder removed because we didn't catch it in time.


Posted by @cancersurvivor, Oct 22, 2012

this is the same issue I'm having. So glad to see I'm not alone! Good luck with your pain. Hopefully the Bentyl works and you won't have to keep going back and forth! Question, though........after your hysterectomy, did you have constipation? I'm up to give pills a day just to go ...........and then it's a maybe!. gross. I know, but a question for someone in the same boat......;(


Posted by @strongenough2011, Oct 23, 2012

Mine still there sometimes but not as bad. I did have a lot of constipation after my hysterectomy. Taking fiber pills seemed to help some but it was just my body getting back in to routine after a shock if that makes any sense. Did you have a complete hyst? I am struggling now with the hormone issue along with thyroid issues.

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Posted by @cancersurvivor, Oct 23, 2012

I have one ovary remaining. I didn't have to do the hormone treatments but the fiber pills are a way of life for me now.


Posted by @toastergirl_1, Sep 7, 2016

I had hysterectomy about a month ago, Aug. 12, 2016, with right ovary remaining. I had severe endometriosis and fibroids. I have problems with cramping to and diarrhea on and off. I have not had my intestines checked yet. Still healing from surgery and having surgical menopause ...sweats and hot flashes. did anyone take BI-Identical hormones after surgery?


Posted by @cancersurvivor, Sep 7, 2016

My oncologists told me not to take hormones until AT LEAST six months after surgery. Since I had an ovary, he said my body will react in all kinds of ways but may settle down after a while. I'm glad I waited. Still haven't
had to take hormones and it's been 12 years since my hysterectomy.


Posted by @colleenyoung, Sep 7, 2016

Thank you @cancersurvivor for returning with such valuable insight for ToasterGirl. You'll notice that quite a bit has changed on Connect since you last visited.
PS: When replying by email, please be sure to remove your email signature and any personal identifying information. If you click VIEW POST in the email notice, you can reply directly on Connect.

Welcome to Connect, @toastergirl_1. I'm glad you found this discussion to post your question. Did you doctor recommend not talking hormones for a period of time? I find the hot flashes so disruptive to sleep, which doesn't help the healing does it?

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