Covid Vaccine Reaction

Posted by santosha @santosha, Mar 29, 2022

Some 10 days ago I had my third Covid vaccine, this time from J&J (my first two were from AstraZeneca), having many reactions, including seizures. I am now having several auras during my day, something I have never experienced before in my life.
Did anyone have such a reaction when taking the J&J Covid vaccine? How long did it last?
Thank you!

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Hi Everybody
Just to let you know that those reactions that I had with the J&J vaccine have disappeared after 2 weeks I have taken it. Free of seizures and auras for a few days already. Thank God :-)!
My doctor has said that some other few patients had also similar reactions. I am a very sensitive person to any medication. So this does not mean that other people with epilepsy will have the same reactions as I had.
Wish you all a nice Sunday!

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