COVID-19 Caught Me - am I taking the right steps?

Posted by retrowiz @retrowiz, May 2, 2023

I believe I was exposed 6 days ago. Symptoms started 4/5 days ago. Tested positive 3 days ago and started Paxlovid 2 days ago.

I'm 50+, obese (sadly), and have some odd immune issues like Rosacea, Lactose intolerant, and get itchy skin in summer. I took the latest bivalent booster back in Nov'22 (5 months ago).

When I tested positive it was "strong". Dark line, showed up within 1-2mins on the test.

1st day: Initial symptoms were some tiredness, mild GI issues.
2nd day: Serious GI issues, nose/head clogged, bit of chills/cold.
3rd day headaches, and dizziness. Some dry coughing. No throat soreness at all at any point.
4th day: Then I started taking Paxlovid and things felt better, but stomach started hurting again (resulting in more GI issues), and some chest pain.
5th day: Nose stuffy. Chest pain ramped up a bit. Coughed up some odd colored phlegm in morning. (Note Oxygen meter fine at all times). Seriously tired.
6th day (today): feeling a lot better... but evening tired etc...

I have 2 more days to go on Paxlovid. Taking vitD, Zinc, vitC, Melatonin, and Fitamodine (mellow stomach). Drink some tumerac

Doc figures these are typical symptoms. Just curious anyone else have suggestions on what works/doesn't? Someone suggested NAC, quercetin, but not sure i want to try new things. Any advice would be terrific

Almost contemplating if I should ask to extend the paxlovid.

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