Could erythritol be adding to my platelet count?

Posted by jewelfaux @jewelfaux, Mar 1 5:54am

I have essential thrombocythemia. I use liquid coffee creamer that contains erythritol. Could this be increasing my platelet count?

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Welcome @jewelfaux, I think the answer is yes according to a study done by Cleveland Clinic and a recent article published based on the study. Here's what I found:

— Consumption of Oral Artificial Sweeteners on Platelet Aggregation and Polyol Excretion (COSETTE):
— Cleveland Clinic Study Finds Common Artificial Sweetener Linked to Higher Rates of Heart Attack and Stroke:
Have you discussed it with your doctor or care team?


Interesting! I just sent an article about this to my husband, who had a heart attack a couple years ago and is trying to control weight with artificially sweetened food. I didn't even think about its having an effect on us ET patients.

I don't use artificial sweeteners as a rule, but will be aware of this.

Thanks for bringing up this topic.

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