Cost of stem cell therapy at Mayo

Posted by talan @talan, Apr 6, 2017

I am having stem cell therapy on my left knee tomorrow. I did not realize Mayo was doing this already. For those of you who have had this done at Mayo, what was the cost? If you wanted to be part of the research, how do you get into that?


I was all set to have total knee replacement of my left knee on January 2. I have had pain for almost 40 years, two arthroscopies and several injections. My doctor cancelled my surgery because of my high A1C (10). Now I need to find something else because the pain is limiting all activities and I'm just plain sick of it. Is stem cell therapy a good option? Is there anyone in or near NY state that performs it?

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I just had an injection of Hymovis a month ago and it worked a lot better than SynviscOne for me. Both were covered by Medicare. I also paid out of pocket $1,500 per knee for AmnioFix which did nothing for me.

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