Cost of stem cell therapy at Mayo

Posted by talan @talan, Apr 6, 2017

I am having stem cell therapy on my left knee tomorrow. I did not realize Mayo was doing this already. For those of you who have had this done at Mayo, what was the cost? If you wanted to be part of the research, how do you get into that?

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Bone on bone in knee and shoulder same. My knee is great today and my shoulder sore from the needles.

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I'm bone on bone in my right knee, and reallllly don't want surgery–Did it help? I'm on the list for the clinical trials at Mayo (Jay Smith, MD) but I can't wait that long 150 on the list of 200+ don't hardly want to walk.

But better than the cost–Did it Help? Was it worth it? The Clinical trials has quite a waiting list 200+



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There are clinical trials where alot of the cost is covered in house–You can find them on the NIH clinical trials website. I am on a waiting list for Clinical Trials at Mayo, but the waiting list is 200+ individuals–and not proceeding very rapidly.

I talked to some one last week and they sent me some information. it was from around 1000.00 to about 8000.00 and it is using bone marrow from your bodya. She said it depends on the person but it can last up to three years for the bone marrow procedure. Not sure if insurance covers it. If you are over 70 you do not qualify for the trials. I am over 70. I think that is really bad but the is the rulung from the FDA

Additional they told me that they are only into the trials at this point and yes there are two hundred on the list and growing daily. Jim


I'm bone on bone in my right knee, and reallllly don't want surgery–Did it help? I'm on the list for the clinical trials at Mayo (Jay Smith, MD) but I can't wait that long 150 on the list of 200+ don't hardly want to walk.

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My procedure was April 2017 so a year and half ago. My knee is still fine. My doc in Reno did more PRP than Mayo does and took the stem cells from both fat and bone. I paid $4600 and he did my right shoulder too. It was well worth it to me. Just don't go to the clinics throughout the country that advertise. Most are not good.


@jeannegordon4, If you are seeking more information on stem cell therapies available at Mayo Clinic, or just more information about the treatment in general, here is some information that may help you:

Regenerative Medicine Consult Service Process

Transplant Call-in Center

What to expect when you call the number:
– An employee will answer and ask the nature of why you are calling
– Say you are interested to stem cells for osteoarthritis or whichever joint ails you
– The employee will funnel your call to the appropriate coordinators from there
– For joint issues, you will be transferred to PMR (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Appointment coordinators will ask more specific questions (inclusion and exclusion criteria)
If you meet the criteria:
– You will be asked to send in your records and a doctor will look at it in a case-by-case basis

Important Notes to be Aware of:
– PMR is a busy practice, so wait times may exist but answers will be given
– If a treatment exists in the clinic for a diagnosis (i.e. Leukemia) stem cells are not offered
– Price is out of pocket

Types of stem cell treatments offered are Bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) injections and Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. You can find more specific information on these types of injections here,

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Do you know if Stem Cell Therapy is offered at the Mayo clinic in Scottsdale AZ? I am headed that direction this winter and would stop by and take a look at their program, if so.

Not sure ab AZ I do know that they are doing it in the UK

IN UK, where? which Drs.? How much money? do they take fat out of belly?


I appreciate the fact that weight loss improves your pain factor. Some of us need to be able to work out to maintain a healthy weight-so its kinda vicious circle.

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The very 1st question my husband gets asked when he mentions my knee replacement is usually: is she overweight? Not really. 5’6”, 128 lbs. Stayed between 130 and 145 for the past 50 years, except for pregnancies and briefly after stopping smoking. So while losing weight can ease stress on knee, it’s not a fix, nor do I think it was a contributing factor in my OA.

I was all set to have total knee replacement of my left knee on January 2. I have had pain for almost 40 years, two arthroscopies and several injections. My doctor cancelled my surgery because of my high A1C (10). Now I need to find something else because the pain is limiting all activities and I'm just plain sick of it. Is stem cell therapy a good option? Is there anyone in or near NY state that performs it?


Not sure ab AZ I do know that they are doing it in the UK

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@jimmiejoe IN UK: where? which city? which Drs.? Which medical facility? How much money? do they take fat out of belly OR PLACENTA/ UMBILICAL CORD? PLACENTA/ UMBILICAL CORD IS SUPPOSED TO B THE BEST. My Dr. said its possible to get more cells out of Fat then out of bone.
I'm so fearful of Dr. taking Anything out of my bones.
Some time ago Thomas Chen, MD
Hematology Medical Oncology
Banner Del E Webb Medical Center drilled 3 holes in back of hip bone – GAVE ME NOTHING FOR PAIN! There had to b a way to not have to endure having bone punctured? Later I enjoyed that Dr. Chen talked to me for 20 min. on the phone. But, I'll never forget that PAIN.


The stem cell clinical trials are on the NIH web site.

Sorry I am not sure what is the NIH ???

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