COPD Study Advice?

Posted by copdwarrior @copdwarrior, Mar 22 5:51pm

Hey all, new to this forum and wanted advice on if anyone has ever done a COPD study before? I'm in north dallas and my pulmonologist recommended me to join one because my COPD is pretty bad and has been getting worse over the years. I'm a bit reluctant because it's a medication that's not on the market yet, but my current inhalers are so expensive and this one is free and they are even compensating me for my time. Does anyone have any experience with this? If so, did you find that it helped you overall and any negative side effects?

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Just an afterthought: anyone who did the RheOx clinical trial (for chronic bronchitis) and got the sham treatment, at the end of the study Gala Theraputics, who sponsored the study, would get the real treatment. I was also compensated. Which never was the motivation but nice.

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Yes the compensation does help, especially if you are given the real medication for free on top of that

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