COPD: What nebulizer meds do you use?

Posted by kimbal @kimbal, May 25 12:13pm

Good morning, I am 68 and have been diagnosed with stage 3 COPD. After reading several discussions on meds I am now officially confused on what to take. I am a little concerned that my pulmonologist may be a little behind the times. I am on Albueterol, Ipratropirium, (four times a day each) Budesonide (twice a day) and Brovana (twice a day), all nebulizer meds. In reading several articles this morning it was suggested that using saba's and laba's together with no sign of a flare up may be useless. So should I be using laba's and lama's under normal conditions or what? Totally confused! Thanks , Kimbal

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Welcome, @kimbal. I moved your question about nebulizing with COPD to the COPD Support Group ( to help you connect easily with other COPD members.

@sueinmn @spinsister @lupine @widkers16 @gregoryz @rits have lung conditions including COPD for which nebulizing has been helpful. They can share their experiences with you. It looks like you're doing some research to prepare for a discussion with your pulmonologist. How has your current combination of Albueterol, Ipratropirium, (four times a day each) Budesonide (twice a day) and Brovana (twice a day) been working for you so far?


I have COPD/Emphysema/Asthma and allergies. No one is quite sure what percentage of each causes the problems. I have used Symbicort for years. I am not sure it is working until I quit taking it and then I know it helps. I buy it from India under the name of Foracort which saves me a pile of money. I've also been on albuterol nebulizer for a couple of years. My new pulmonologist recommended Hyper Sal which has helped significantly with lung mucus (I have a lot). I have also taken allergy shots for about 18 months with no side effects. Again, not sure of the effectiveness.

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