COPD: Is it genetic? alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

Posted by Merry, Volunteer Mentor @merpreb, Dec 3, 2018

This was sent to me by via the National, heart, lung and blood Institute. I wonder if anyone has been tested for any genetic component of COPD.
There are certain precautions that people with COPD should take to protect ourselves. Unless you are allergic everyone should have had a flu shot by now. If you haven’t please check with your doctor to see if there is any reason why you should not. Also pulmonary rehab is a big thing in recovering some of lung function to help you breath better. I took it and all I can say is , OH BOY! IT HELPED tremendously.


drs don't because they don't know much about it…. so you do the asking. I found out thru dna testing at 23and me so then I asked my pulmongolist and then they drew the blood and sent it to mayo where it came back that I was MZ People need to keep track of their health…. I read the drs notes, look at the ct scans (of which I cannot figure anything out) but when the dr points out something I know what they are talking about. So please Colleen ask every question you can think of

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