Posted by Larry @crashnam, Oct 6, 2017

Interested to know if anyone has a combination of mild COPD (no trouble breathing), AFIB and PVC's. Heard that COPD can cause some heart irregularities. Have read that metoprolol succinate (which I am taking) may create more problems with the lungs which may lead to more heart events. Been taking it about three years. Last couple of months getting more fluttering palps after mild exertion. Haven't had an AFIB episode in 45 days, whereas they had been happening about every 10-14 days at its worst. Can't figure that one out. Is anyone being treated with a certain combination of medications so as to accommodate both heart and lungs without one affecting the other in an adverse way.

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Hello all, been a member since July of this year (2017). Still just as miserable with intermittent AFIB and daily PVC's. A quick overview of me.......I have had PVC's for 40 years. Most times have been tolerable but over those years have had scores and scores of frightening experiences with them. I developed AFIB in 2014, and along with the PVC's it's been a real delight. In fact PVC's have gotten worse and more frequent. I have done tons of research and read tons of testimonials on all kinds of related conditions and have actually struck out in trying to determine a way of getting rid of all this. Actually tired of talking about all the symptoms. Anyway, I discussed with my cardiologists about getting a three year heart monitor implanted in my chest that they offered me so as not to have to keep wearing holter monitors for 24 hours, two days, a week, or 30 days. I agreed and will have the 5-minute procedure done on 11/27. I will be able to send immediate symptoms to Drs. office and will be able to "dump" the monitor findings at the office once a month I guess so they can go over the results. As we all know, symptoms you may want to have them see sometimes don't erupt while you are wearing the holters. I am also seriously considering getting an ablation. I realize it is not always successful, but I am tired of feeling all these symptoms. The bottom line is that there are successful ablations. Maybe it's just the luck of the draw, who knows. Anyway, I will keep you informed as to how the implanted monitor works.

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