Constant cough

Posted by angela70 @angela70, Apr 14 10:57am

I have a cough that last all day and at bedtime and starts back up as soon as I wake up. I don’t have sinus or allergy issues, even when I brush my teeth when I wake up I cough in the middle and end up spitting all over. Does anyone know what this could be from?

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I am suffering from the same.

Steam inhalation may be helpful. Check with your doctor and chest physician.


I've had a constant cough for going on 7 years. I've seen ENT's, Pulmonologists, family doctors, and internists. No one has an answer. I've had MRI's, CAT scans, PET scant, x-rays. No one finds anything. I've taken all kinds of medications including steroid shots in my neck to no avail. I'm seeing a gastroenterologist next month. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Right now I'm taking symbicort, but it really doesn't help much if at all. Good luck in your journey for finding a cause/cure. Please report back if you do and so will I.


Just a thought, but blood pressure meds can cause a constant dry cough…not sure if you are on any blood pressure meds. Also, if you have had Covid, it can leave you with a constant dry cough for a while. Praying for you. I'm so sorry you have this.

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