Confused about how to get treatment for my chronic pain

Posted by gina54 @gina54, May 13, 2017

How do I find a physician who cares about the severe pain that I sufferfrom daily?

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@gina54 Hello Gina, It’s good to see you back here on Connect. I see from your introduction with us in September, your pain stems from an injury to your back. Can you tell us some more about your condition? What have you been doing for your chronic pain thus far?


Hi @gina54,

Welcome back; I’ve moved your message to the Chronic Pain group, so that you can connect with other members who are experiencing similar symptoms. I did see your past posts in this group; I’m so sorry to learn that you are still in such pain!

I would encourage you to view this discussion, Chronic Back Pain for Years,, where you can meet @jlfisher56 @sheabebabe @robertrm and @mikee.

@gina54, are you taking any medication for the pain? Do you still have some support from your caregiver?



Ask your primary MD for a referral to a pain specialist for starters.


Hi Gina I am Joan, Yes you do need a Chronic Pain Management specialist and mine also is a rehabilitation doctor also. He is a godsend. I would have no life if not for him. Many doctors are afraid to prescribe medicines for patients, especially because of all the bad press lately. I am an RN and taught Paramedics and Emergency medicine at a large city hospital until I no longer could. I worked years with fusions and needed extensive re-fusions with hardware.
You need a doctor that is “trained” to take care of your specific problem. Most medical schools get little or no training in “chronic” pain and even if they have had a patient for years, know them well, will not treat them with appropriate medications for pain due to the “laws”, fear of any malpractice, even though they trust you. Now, here in PA, every time a doctor writes out a narcotic RX, he must send a detailed notice to Harrisburg (time consuming). Many are even giving up their practice in treating pain patients. It has been ruined by abusers of course and we suffer.

But go to a pain specialist please and get the help you need. I started slowly on medicine for nerve pain that really helped me. I even went to physical therapy for chronic pain (it IS different). The way you do activities like vacuuming for instance is not the same.That helps to decrease pain and doing home exercises. TENS unit and heat or ice. Best of luck.

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