Concussion and Dementia

Posted by gcranor @gcranor, May 24, 2021

Why don’t doctors look at studies; I have have been diagnosed with dementia and had multiple bad concussion and my doctors state they are not related. I even had my head split open where a finger was able to fit in the opening and the doctors state this would not relate to dementia. I keep seeing studies where concussion do raise the risk of early on-site of dementia. I was 57 when I was told I had dementia; I am now 63 and it is still getting worse.

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Hi, welcome to Connect! I have had a concussion, they are not fun. I don't have dementia. This would be interesting to look on PubMed in the National Library of Medicine vault and see if we can find the studies on this topic. Are you familiar with Pubmed? So many articles on concussion!

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