Comprehensive Collaborative Team Approach to Care

Posted by mpflood7 @mpflood7, Oct 10, 2020

I have been trying to navigate the Mayo system and understand that in the general Internal Medicine department there is a program where a patient is given a General Medical Exam by an Internist who then plays quarterback and brings in Specialists who for a Comprehensive “Multi-Specialty, Integrated, Collaborative and Team”, which I’ll call MICT. However, I don’t see it described on the Mayo website. Meanwhile, per the below, I did see almost “exactly” the same on Cleveland Clinic’s website. I’d prefer to go to the Mayo Clinic – but don’t want to travel 1000s of miles (from Florida) only to find out the Mayo program I was wrong and Mayo’s program is not the same, and be disappointed. I also have only one chance financially to get this right (to go to a top academic medical center). I’d favor Mayo too due to the rankings, kindness I’ve come across in the administrative staff and lower cost (lodging etc). Does anyone have any thoughts on this and/or can answer my question? Thank you.

Thank you very much.


@mpflood7 I see that @johnbishop has found many resources for you about Mayo Clinic's approach to care. Simply put Mayo Clinic is the world's oldest and largest integrated multispecialty group medical practice. Patient centered care is part of our DNA.

Here's more information:
– Why Choose Mayo Clinic
– What makes care at Mayo Clinic different?
– Your guide to getting care at Mayo Clinic

MPFlood, you've started a few discussions about getting care at Mayo Clinic and I know this is a big decision both medically and financially. Please let us know if after reading the linked articles, there is still something holding you back from calling Mayo Clinic. The phone call costs nothing and they can answer questions that more specifically address your situation.

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