Complex partial seizures and small fiber neuropathy

Posted by julbpat @julbpat, Apr 25 7:26am

I am 62 years old, and had complex partial seizures for about 25 years. They were very distinct, with aura, repetitive image, brief “paralysis” ( unable to move), minimal post ictal phase. They were controlled by Tegretol. I was seizure free for several years, and stopped Tegretol in 2014.
In 2015 I developed pain in my feet, overall fatigue. That progressed to length-dependent small fiber poly neuropathy. I am back on Tegretol.
My question is about seizures. My occasional dizzy spells have developed a regular pattern. When they occur, I am dizzy, feel pressure in my head, and bowel pressure. Ultimately I feel overwhelming fatigue, and MUST lie down. As I rest, I have random twitching in my extremities. After this process, I often feel “bad” the rest of the morning.
These only happen in the morning, about two hours after I get up.
I had an EEG at that time last week, and it was normal. I didn’t have dizziness that morning, but I didn’t feel great, having to lie on my back for 20 minutes, with an uncomfortable bolster under my tender neck. I tend to hurt everywhere with the SFN.
I say it’s seizures, my neurologist disagrees. Thoughts?

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